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Pulsar Festival

Did you know about Samothrace ?? 😉 Appointment at Pulsar Festival GR in August with The Last Drive and ALCALICA !!!

Earth Holidays

The mountain brings mountains, we will be at this year’s Earth Holidays – 2019 – Shoot !!!

Cosmopolis Festival

Και Cosmopolis Festival φέτος στο πρόγραμμα, μαζί με Villagers of Ioannina City!!!


Thrax Punks started playing music from 2008 when

George Stavridis and Vaitsis Charakopidis met each other after they played in gigs, such as weddings, traditional festivals and customs, many music festivals, even in protests on the road! Living on the era of actually “no genre” and influenced by many styles of music with the Greek underground punk scene to be the key to their relationship back then, they continued to adopt several elements on their music. In the autumn of 2015 they met Panos Gkinis during a jamming concert, where he joined the band. After they played together in many gigs around Greece, they decided to record their first live demo album called “ΠΑΝΚΟΠΑΝΗΓΥΡΟΨΥΧΕΔΕΛΕΙΑ” (punk mixed with fete Thracian party music and psychedelic music)

Γιώργος Σταυρίδης

Νταούλι, Θρακιώτικη Λύρα, Φωνητικά

Βαΐτσης Χαρακοπίδης

Γκάιντα, Καβάλι, Ζουρνάς, Φωνητικά

Πάνος Γκίνης

Ηλεκτρική Κιθάρα

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This is our first album calld PANKOTHRANKOBLABLABALA. In a few Days is comming out our new Album.

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  • Orestiada, Greece